Production & Installation.

We have our own in-house print and installation team because we want to have full control over quality and service.

The team at VIM are incredibly dedicated and professional. Not only are they in-charge of producing our Street poster panels and installing them, they are also the awesome crew who clean up the underpass areas of graffiti, making it a cleaner, safer space for all.

Civic Utility & CSR.

We have always aimed to elevate our street poster product out of the shady grey area that many operators play in. We’ve done this through the securing of concession agreements to develop legal site placements and providing maintenance services to the associated areas.

In addition, we are committed to clean and renewable solutions so our brand partners can be assured that their campaigns are not contributing to the environment in a negative way.

How Do We Do This?

We use ecoStar+ 100% recycled and uncoated paper stock to print our posters. With FSC Recycled certification, ecoStar+ offers a smooth surface, consistent finish, excellent printability and outstanding opacity.

Our glue is made from wheat starch, which is completely biodegradable and contains no hazardous substances that could harm the environment.

Once a campaign is complete, we not only remove the posters, but collate and send them to a recycling plant for processing.