It’s no secret that contextual relevance increases not only brand recall, but pretty much all brand metrics. Researchers say they found consumer brain response was 18% higher when stimulated by relevant content in OOH campaigns, which leads to a 17% increase in ad recall, which in turn delivers a 16% sales uplift. Combining these scores led them to arrive at an overall effectiveness score of +17%.

So roughly translated it means place a message in the right place, right time and you will impact your audience more effectively. Despite knowing this, a very small % of advertisers are currently taking advantage of this fact when designing out-of-home creative, even with the explosion of digital assets (DOOH) in the last five years.

It’s a good time to make a change. You want to be remembered now more than ever, in a market where consumers are desperately seeking truth, trust and stability. Seeing our trusted brands pushing forward with their media campaigns provides a sense of normalcy we are all craving. So can we create contextually relevant creative without over complicating things and more to the point, is it only something we can activate with digital assets?

The answer is yes and no. With so much data at our fingertips around how people live, work and play we can pull together moments, locations or common ground as a starting point for our creative journey. Some of the more obvious triggers that we can call upon to create relevance are things like location, landmarks, seasonality and current affairs.

Location can be anything from directing people to your store nearby or recognising that on a certain road, vehicles tend to sit in traffic.

Landmarks can be the obvious tourist attraction, to calling out the local suburb, making consumers feel the advert is directly talking to them. Seasonality such as highlighting summer, Christmas or Easter are easy wins, and even current affairs or trending topics can be used on static out-of-home media placements when you can easily change creative.

How Revolution360 can help? Our Street Poster network has a weekly posting schedule, which means we can swap out creative quickly, but we can also run bespoke poster runs with short turnaround times giving the ultimate flexibility without sacrificing share of voice for your brand. There’s no better time to get more creative.

We have invested heavily into data for planning, so there is plenty of information that will help us inform more contextually relevant creative by site location. We want every ad dollar to work harder and with proven results around contextual relevance it seems like a no brainer. As part of VMG we have access to creative services for our clients too.

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