Out-of-Home (OOH) media provider Revolution360 has enabled end-to-end transparency with independent verification platform Seedooh following the launch of its proprietary planning and data tool 360Intelligence in March of this year.

Seedooh provides complete and standardised reporting for buyers and sellers in both digital and classic OOH in compliance with SOC2, the highest global standard in non-financial data assurance.

The software integration provides all clients with complete transparency in campaign reporting by independently verifying the time, location and creative details of every posting and take-down.    

“Accountability with posting isn’t a nice-to-have in OOH, it is a must-have. We knew that if we were going to invest in our audience profiling and reporting capabilities we couldn’t stop there. We needed to ensure we fully closed the loop on any client’s out-of-home buy,” said VMG Group Head of Marketing Samantha Summers.

“This is a first for the Street Poster sector with no other operators enabling      independently verified campaign reporting, let alone to this standard. Clients can have complete faith that they will know what is posted and if there are errors, we can quickly and transparently address them. This brings us in line with the major players in the marketplace and puts Street Posters firmly on the map,” said Ms Summers.

Seedooh’s PwC alignment provides further market confidence in the platform’s ability to independently verify the integrity of campaign delivery data.

“In order to meet the requirements for best-practice data assurance and verification, Revolution360 have upgraded their processes and systems for campaign scheduling and installation. This commitment to technology and connected data has enabled Seedooh to provide automated transparency in campaign delivery verification for all their customers, whilst also generating significant efficiencies for their business,” said Seedooh Chief Data Officer Kenta Shimizu.

Since  launching the  360Intelligence platform’s unique audience profiling and reach-based metrics. Revolution360 has increased its revenue by 300 per cent and have been able to carry a broader range of clients such as Heinz, Coles and NAB. Seedooh now closes the loop to drive further confidence.

“For me this is about walking the walk. We have talked for a long time about how our product and service is superior to those who operate in the same space as us, now we are backing that up with audience data, reporting and the final piece, post-campaign verification,” said Revolution360 GM of Operations, Sean McCaull.

Clients and agencies have the ability to access the Seedooh platform and confirm campaign posting in real-time, completely independently of Revolution360.

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