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Revolution360 has unveiled 360Intelligence, a new tool aiming to revolutionise the street poster industry by providing a new level of data planning which profiles audiences using mobile location data.

The new tool will allow for data planning not previously available in this sector of out of home, with the 360Intelligence tool created by digital agency Geronimo.

With the new tool, the out of home media provider is cleaning up the perception of street poster advertising as a guerilla medium, and remove the negative connotations associated.

The tool profiles audiences, resulting in data that shows an overall reach-based metric by panel, as well as information on those users’ interests in particular products, brands or topics.

Head of marketing for Revolution360’s parent company Venetian Media Group (VMG), Samantha Summers, who has extensive experience in OOH and digital marketing, is leading the project.

Summers has racked up over 15 years’ experience at Clear Channel Outdoor, Skyfii, and Posterscope, having worked on location-based marketing across a huge portfolio of clients.

“We know we have a great format that works, but a gut feel just doesn’t cut it in out-of-home these days. It hasn’t for quite some time. The street poster industry hasn’t evolved with the rest of the market,” she said.

“Our aim with launching 360Intelligence is to bring our street posters into the now with a level of sophistication and complete transparency in both planning and reporting.

“We have invested in what’s best for the industry and our clients.”

360Intelligence is just the beginning of Revolution360’s desire to overhaul the sector, and soon it will be integrated with the Seedooh platform which enables best-practice independent verification of every posting, for every campaign.

The tool also offers insights into the number of people on average that view an OOH site, as well as delivering an end of campaign report on the actual number of views for clients to better track the success of these campaigns.

Chief executive Michael Fishwick said VMG is aiming to elevate the quality of the street poster format.

“Our aim has always been to elevate the quality of the street poster format and move away from the negative connotations of a guerilla medium, because we know that’s what’s in the best interest of the entire out-of-home market.

“We’ve always had significant concession agreements in place, meaning that we pay for access and provide a valuable civic utility,”

“Now we are further investing in the quality of our sites and our product through technology. For us, this data and verification proposition is the next step in paving the way for the street poster industry to move out of guerilla marketing and in line with more traditional out-of-home formats while still retaining their unique character.”

360Intelligence is one of the many ways VMG is working with our brands to deliver more effective campaigns for our clients. We expect this innovation to open up the sector to a wider network of clients because of the level of detail we can now deliver in terms of campaign metrics and quality.”

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