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Out-of-home and street poster company, Revolution360, has launched a range of new sustainability initiatives, as part of its ongoing commitment to providing environmentally friendly advertising options.

Revolution360is implementing sustainable practices across the business, including its choice of poster paper stock, ink and printers. From production to installation and post-campaign processes, the out-of-home company, which is part of VMG, is investing in a brighter future.

All paper stock used by Revolution360 contains a percentage of recycled material, which is sourced from specifically grown sustainable forests, and is 100% recyclable. The stock is also part of a carbon neutral operation, the China Fuelling Growth with Wind Power projects, with initiatives in place helping to offset around 3.4 tonnes of Co2 emissions annually.

The posters are produced using HP Latex Ink, which is 65% water-based, and completely biodegradable, with no heavy materials or hazardous air pollutants. In addition, more than 96% of materials used in Revolution360’s printers are recyclable and powered by solar.

Post campaign, all paper/cardboard waste is recycled, with paper stock cardboard tubes donated to Victoria Zoo and local primary schools, and all campaign posters collated and sent to a recycling plant for processing.

Revolution360 is looking to make further improvements across the delivery process, such as trialling paper-based tapes that use natural adhesives, making it high strength, easily recyclable and compostable.

Revolution360 is also seeking to engage a partner to measure the company’s carbon footprint. The assessment will look at the basics like electricity and vehicle usage, as well as the daily commute of staff, and interstate travel. The company hopes to find initiatives around the world that can be invested in to offsetting the annual footprint generated by the business and move towards being as close to carbon neutral as possible.

“Sustainability has emerged as a key concern for our brand partners, with more and more businesses looking to collaborate with advertising and media companies who share a similar ethos and commitment to minimising their environmental footprint. We’ve made a conscious effort across the company – from the paper we use, and our installation and post-campaign processes, to the operations within our buildings - to ensure we’re doing everything we can to lead in the sustainability space,” Revolution360 General Manager of Business Operations, Sean McCaull, said.

“Our brand partners are coming to us actively looking for more eco-friendly solutions in their out-of-home campaigns, particularly when their brand messaging and values are focused on sustainability. For example, we recently partnered with ING for its ‘Good Thing’ campaign, where we worked with the bank to deliver a mural primarily made from Graphenstone paint – an eco-conscious paint solution. It’s these types of innovative projects that really showcase Revolution360’ssustainability commitment.”

VMG CEO, Michael Fishwick, said: “Across our entire VMG business, we’ve long been committed to using clean, renewable solutions, and having a strong CSR program as part of our overarching strategy – it’s one of the ways we’ve done business differently. We also take our civic utility seriously; we want to ensure we’re giving back to the community in exchange for the advertising space we occupy. It means that in areas where our street posters are displayed, we ensure that the walkways, overpasses and underpasses are kept clean. We minimise graffiti and vandalism, while providing a product that brightens the consumer journey.”

Revolution360 will continue to review its supply chain to find ways to further improve its practices.

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