An ‘autodidact’ refers to a self-taught person, one who seeks out knowledge on their own accord. When you incorporate such a person into the world of creative industries, there comes an overwhelming desire for them to not only to identify creative strategies, but to also understand the rationale behind creative best practice.  In a way, for an autodidact, the rule of thumb is satisfying curiosities. For businesses within the creative industry, it is important that we work to resemble the characteristics of an autodidact, because curiosity is the catalyst of continuous learning and thus, evolution. In understanding this, it comes without saying that without curiosity, you cannot create. And that is the approach we champion at Revolution360.

Along the way, the curiosities of our Revolutionaries have been testament to the work we’ve been able to produce. With the changing consumer space, our offerings are the by-product of a continuous journey of understanding, exploring, and adapting to our environment; consequently, building upon our knowledge of community, space and meaning. This has been especially evident in the last few months as our team of experts have been able to produce a truly revolutionised solution to events and conferencing. In unique times like this, the traditional notions of carrying out a successful ‘event’ no longer exist. Thus, leaving it up to us to create innovative, effective, and safe approaches to bringing us together. And in following from this approach, our newest addition to our list of offerings is eLive360; a multi-dimensional, blended platform that possesses two-way broadcasting capabilities to ensure that your live event can still go ahead. Online. While the virtual platform is no new element to the world of events and experiences, eLive360 presents a modernised and more human approach to the idea of virtual conferencing. With tailored solutions to fit your brand and campaign requirements, eLive360 possesses the capability to enhance the user experience in more ways than one. From goodie bags containing bespoke offers, products, and incentives all the way to essential deliveries like champagne, cheese and wine to your door! Because we know that while the current times are not like the good ol of gatherings and socialising, nothing should impede the capabilities of a truly unique and immersive experience.

Together, our individual curiosities allow us to unite in ways that would see the emergence of ideas and concepts that are not only exclusive to offerings inside, outside and all around, but also those that continue to empower our people, our clients and the autodidacts within us all.

We are united, accountable, versatile and forever curious Revolutionaries.

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