Revolution360 is Back-To-Work

Slowly, safely, but surely work is starting to feel a little more normal. We are lucky here at Revolution360, that the backbone of our culture is that we are family. The business leaders allow a huge amount of flexibility in how we work, so it would seem everyone feels comfortable about their return, however that might look.

 So what’s the vibe? Out-of-home media was hit hardest, given everyone was told to stay indoors, so as an out-of-home media provider our workloads decreased significantly. Everyone was scared what that meant for their jobs. Our parent brand, VMG worked hard to ensure impacts on our team was minimal and outcome of that is a huge amount of positivity and has cemented our position as a united family. According to the recent Media-i study, almost 50%of media professionals were forced to take a cut in hours or pay, so we feel extremely lucky in this sense.

And of course, as we see the light at the end of the tunnel and people re-emerging back into the outdoors, briefs are coming in and conversations are happening again. Brands are thinking differently about their connections with their audience and that’s exciting. Finding new ways of working and new ways of connecting brands and consumers is in our DNA, so it’s great to see this unfolding.

While 2020 seems to have become a four-letter-word of sorts,the positivity around togetherness feels strong. People are passionate about causes and topics that matter. Everyone is energized and wanting change, while also wanting to look after one another. This is as evident in our workplace as I’m sure it is everywhere. So while the streets are still a little bare and some restrictions still in place it would seem the vibe is that we are moving onwards and upwards. We’re all a bit sick of Zoom meeting and it is great to see people in real life again.

According to the just completed half-yearly Media-i industry survey for May 2020, 81% of industry respondents missed their workplace environment with near half finding it more difficult to connect with colleagues, clients, and media partners

While it might take a lot more time to get back to a BAU as we remember it, it definitely feels good to see real-life people again; to bounce ideas off of one another, to get the creativity that comes from being around other creative people.

We are blessed to live in a country like Australia and be able to have some semblance of normal life again so soon. There are other countries not faring so well.


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