The world’s leading name in cloud-based, customer relationship management, Salesforce is the innovative company behind the number 1 CRM platform and they need an event to match. As year round collaborators, Revolution360 works closely with Salesforce to deliver world class events – World Tour took this to the next level.

The challenge

With innovation being the order of the day, World Tour had to be bigger and better than ever. We set out to deliver the largest cloud computing event in the Asia-Pacific region, designed to engage prospective and existing customers of all shapes and sizes from start-ups through to large corporations. With a three month lead time in a venue that had not yet played host to an event this size, we had to pull out all the stops without compromising on our passion for creating inspired experiences. ;

What we did & how we did it

At Revolution 360, we tackle things from every angle and the Salesforce World Tour was no different. Providing a holistic brand experience, our ongoing relationship with Salesforce helped ensure a deep understanding of the products, ethos and brand was upheld throughout.

Undertaking a three bid process to ensure cutting- edge technology and innovation was delivered at the best prices. We sourced the venue, contractors and more, taking into account the unique security, technology and crowd management requirements an event of this scale demands. We had the pleasure of introducing the new guided training platform, Salesforce Trailhead to the Asia-Pacific region in fun, unique and inspiring way. With Australia as host country, we brought the sounds and sights of native wildlife to the national park-themed exhibition alongside audio-visual installations, sets and props.

Combining live streaming to the world, WIFI capability, multiple double-sided LED screens, sponsor booths, product demos and more; our team was ready for anything with redundancies for every system ensuring a seamless experience for our guests.

Here at Revolution 360, we understand the value of collaboration. Successful collaboration is made possible through effective communication, tried and true collaborators and cutting edge technology, ensuring real-time changes and open discussion can be made, maximising the short lead time.

What we accomplished

Winning the 2017 national ‘Best Corporate Event’ at the Australian Event Awards was just the beginning. With attendance exceeding expectations, the Salesforce World Tour played host to over 8000 guests and a live audience of over a million viewers. You might just say we pulled it off.