A leading name in solar technology, Q Cells is a company on the cutting edge of sustainable energy solutions and when they brought in our team to take their brand to the next level in Australia, we brought the innovation.

The challenge

Always thriving under pressure, our team had less than 8 weeks to coordinate and execute an event that would elevate the Q Cells name to new heights in the Australian market. The first exhibition of its kind in the country, Revolution360 set out to create a tailored experience highlighting what separates Q Cells photovoltaic technology from the pack, outclassing the competition in the notoriously harsh Australian climate.

What we did & how we did it

For an extraordinary project we knew we needed extraordinary people. How did we find them? Using a three bid process we identified the team that met our needs for innovation, excellence and value. Working closely with the Q Cells global team throughout the design and consultation process, we took advantage of Google Slides to allow real time collaboration. We presented the Q Cells system to prospective residential end users in a unique and approachable setting, a ‘Home’, where we could put the technology in context.

A multimedia installation, featuring interactive displays, exhibits and custom soundscapes tying it all together, the centrepiece was a 5m x 5m LED screen flown above the installation. Along with drawing attention to the exhibit, the screen provided a visual representation of changing weather, granting guests an insight into how the Q Cell performs under the varied conditions that make up Australia’s climate year round.

What we accomplished

The centre of attention throughout the exhibition, the goal of the installation was to generate prospects and raise brand awareness. Blowing expectations out of the water, Q Cells saw a massive increase in leads and survey participation.