More than your average pizzas, when Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar teamed up with Australian music duo Peking Duk, we knew we needed to roll out more than your average poster campaign.

The challenge

In a world of social media and non-stop technology, how do you elevate a poster campaign to the next level and capture audience attention? 

What we did & how we did it

Much like Peking Duk, we had to think outside the box for this one. Placing interactive, branded music posters across Australia’s capital cities in high foot traffic areas meant consumers could stop and interact with them. By using conductive ink, sensors and built in speakers, pedestrian engagement was a given. Much like mozzarella with a fresh tomato base, this campaign was perfectly paired with a widespread social media, radio and marketing campaign to spread the word. 

What we accomplished

At the cutting edge of strategic content and outdoor media, this innovative collaboration between Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Peking Duk and Revolution360 brought this campaign to life. Fitting perfectly with Crust’s brand strategy, you might just say this was another example of unique people creating an inspired experience.