With no need for introductions, when Coca-Cola partnered with Revolution360, they had decided it was time to remind the public of their product range, including the newly launched Coca-Cola with Stevia as well as crowd favourites Coca-Cola Classic and Coca-Cola Vanilla. 

The challenge

So what was our plan of attack? With our deep understanding of Sydney’s commuter metrics and more than a knack for product sampling activations, we planned the event for the morning rush on the Grand Concourse of Central Station, the city’s busiest station. 

What we did & how we did it

With an onsite chilled product sampling bins, we brought a little morning refreshment to the daily grind, showcasing the different product varieties Coca-Cola has on offer, sending consumers off with a little spring in their step. 

What we accomplished

The activation tallied up over 100, 000 consumer touch points while re-establishing the key Coca-Cola brand values of sharing and generosity. Revitalising this busy commuter hub for a morning, you might just say this sampling was a success.